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Arrow United Industries - Excellence, Experience, Versatility.


Since 1959, Arrow United Industries has served the commercial, industrial, and utility markets with a wide selection of HVAC solutions including louvers, penthouses, control dampers, Life Safety dampers, and more. Arrow United puts their 50+ years in the industry into designing and building each product.


Arrow’s louvers perform a wide range of tasks, including standard ventilation, water penetration resistance, protection from severe weather, and acoustical dampening. Arrow United is an active member of the Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA), meaning each AMCA-certified product is tested to the latest standards. These certifications include Air Performance, Water Penetration, and Wind Driven Rain. Each AMCA-certified louver is guaranteed to perform to these standards.


Arrow’s Life Safety dampers prevent the spread of smoke and fire through ductwork. All UL-rated products are tested to meet UL’s standards for Fire Resistance and Smoke Protection. Each fire and smoke damper is ready when you need it. Arrow United’s Life Safety dampers are rated for 1.5 or 3-hour Fire Resistance and up to Class II Smoke Leakage.


All Arrow United products are designed and built in the USA to meet the industry’s highest standards.


Choose excellence, experience, and versatility for your air control needs. Choose Arrow United Industries.


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